torsdag 19. juni 2008

Simple outfit and latest buys

Hi guys!:D I'm glad that some people are visiting my site and I hope more people will come. Thanks to all of you that has made a comment. Please keep on doin this, I love to get respons!!:)

Today I was handing out and shopping with my friend Silje and my sister Magnhild, it was alot of fun!! Here is todays outfit, really simple:

T-shirt, forever21. Jeans, gina tricot. Shoes, vintage. Purse, "chanel". Braclet, ring and neckless, H&M. Shoes, vintage.

AAAAND some of my latest buys!!:D

Hotpanst from Bikbok.

Braclet from glitter.

Braclet and ring from H&M.

Earrings from Lindex.

Shoes from Økonomisko (only $16)

Skirt from H&M (only $10).

Cardigan from H&M (it's abit more yellow than the picture).

9 kommentarer:

Wendy sa...

Alot of things I like in your outfit, the shoes, the bag, and the bracelet!

Anonym sa...

love this outfit.
it is simple but still stylish!

Ragamala sa...

I really like the big chunky bracelet!

Ingvild Marie sa...

Thank you. I loove big braclets.. but I hate thoes that are too big and fal of all the time. They need to fit:P

Ida sa...

I just looooove the jewelry! All of it is beautiful but the green bangle is absolutely gorgeous.

And I love your blond hair!

Vintage Vinyl sa...

Beautiful outfit, and great buys. I can't wait to see the outfits you make with them.
Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

Ingvild Marie sa...

Thanks u guys, same here; i cant wait to wear it:D

Princess.Maria sa...



Lene sa...

herlige kjøp :D