lørdag 10. januar 2009

Moods of Norway

During the hotel-party I also met Moods of Norway designer Simen Staalnacke.

He is now also a judge on the Norwegian show Skaperen ("The creator").

Moods of Norway focus on bringing the norwegian traditions in the fashion. Things like tractors, bears with coctail and rose-paintings have been printed on the clothes. And their "pattren-ful" and fancy suits are in every stylish boy's closet. It's all about Norwegian moods and tradition.
Visit their website for inspiration, you can also buy clothes online. www.moodsofnorway.com

Photos from Oslo Fasionweek Spring 08

All catwalk photos (C) Moods of Norway - www.moodsofnorway.com

The Suite Life

Christmas food, chrismas partys and everything else you can add christmas to to have a reason to celebrate is long over. Now it's all about school, work, money and exercise!! But looking back on the last week in 2008, I had a great time.

3. christmasday (as we call 27.dec, here in Norway anyway) my friend/cusin and I went "Hotel-partying". It's SO much fun to party on a hotel with maaany friends and other known people.

Well, it was not a Suite, but it works for me:)

I allways love thoes XXXL hotel robes!!! Lol

Great dinner and desert. Then make-up and photoshot in the bathroom -> THEN P*A*R*T*Y

Dress, Dotti.


Some days ago my friend Silje and I went shopping. For the first time, I think, I ONLY bought what I needed - not more, not less. I'm really proud of myself:D

At Gina Tricot. Top, Cubus (shreeded myself). Cardigan, Supre. Scarf, Cubus. Leather jacket, H&M. Handbag, bougth in Sydney. Watch, gift. Long top, supre. Leggings, cubus. Shoes, skoringen. Neckles, H&M.

And some pictures from b4 x-mas, with my friend Hilde.

lørdag 3. januar 2009

My favorite online shop

With some drop-dead georgeous shoes.

Why do I allways look at the shoes that are not fitted for winter, when it is winter? Is it the so association to the summer/spring that attracts me? Or am I just a sucker for sandals and stiletto? Life is not easy.

Wanna buy one of these? Or check out what more they've got on FOREVER21? Just click:D