tirsdag 25. november 2008


I was in West End one day, and I went in to this secondhand store. Omg, it's so much fun tryng on clothes. I loved this dress, but I think it's a weddingdress and it was not comfy at all, so I didn't buy it. But I think I looked so cool:D

Super cute secondhand dress

BTW: I made a new Banner, I was SO tired of the old one. Is this one better?

lørdag 22. november 2008


OMG, I'm SOO dieing to get the Dior-carrie-sex-and-the-city Steve Madden look alikes black sandal shoes! But for a poor student like me, that used all her money on travelling in Australia, this will still be just a dream. Thank god we have Myer store so I can go and try them on whenever I want to:D

Outfits update

The past weeks have been abit stressful. But I'm all done with my exams now, yey, it feels so great! I'm still in Australia tho, enjoying the holiday and thinking about all the ppl home in Norway whom are swimming in 1meter snow, nice. I atually went to Sydney last weekend aswel, omg I love that city - I just wanna go back:D Anyeway, here are some updates:D Sorry for the delay.

fredag 21. november 2008

GRATIS KLE - Free clothes for norwegians and swedish ppl

Check out this link:


It's a great site where you can get points and then get free clothes in H&M and Gina tricot stores. When you have collected some points you will get a giftcard in the mail, and then it's just to go shopping:D


lørdag 1. november 2008

Trick or treat?

I really loved my costume! I've never dressed this much up, or hired a costume, before on Halloween. Maybe because I live in much a small village in little Norway? Australia don't really celebrate Halloween but people dress up anyway, thats fun I think. So my friends and I dressed up and went to this houseparty with really cool Halloween decorations and food. Fun times. Btw; I really have to thank you all for the great comments that you guys leave behind!

I lost my wan at the end of the evening.. Without my wan, my magic was gone.

Costume hired by The Costume Company, in Kedron, Brisbane.