torsdag 8. oktober 2009

waiting for the postman

Why? Because then I will get THESE hot shoes from H&M in my size, 37. Can't wait for week 43!

mandag 5. oktober 2009

One pair of perfect jeans

I think I just bougth my first pair of perfect jeans. What a feeling! When I was at the store (work) they looked okey, so I got them. But now, when I came home, I really see how incredible they are! I think this will be my no1 jeans this fall:)

The jeans are from Moods of Norway, inspired by the Norwegian folkedrakt from Hardanger - the first collection of Moods's female jeans. Sucsess I would say. If you gonna buy them, keep in mind that they are very small in size. I recomand to go one or two sizes up.

lørdag 3. oktober 2009

working 10 to 3

Gad, alot of people in the store today, it was a really good day!:) But I had SOME boring moments, which I used up by taking these photos.

Creative layering? I like it.

Sorry for the bad quality photos..

torsdag 1. oktober 2009

hunter in the rain

I really love this outfit on a rainy day in the fall.

Boots, Hunter. leggings, cubus. tshirt, ginatricot. leatherjacket, only. scarf, MW for H&M. neckless, H&M.

And what do you guys think of my diiirty floor? lol...

mandag 28. september 2009

Mary-Kate in Norway

Most people,I'm sure, now know that one of the fashneble twins are currently in Norway. Mary-Kate came to attend her boyfriends ,Nate Lowmans (30), art Exhibition "The Natriot Act" in the Astrup Fearnly Museet, Oslo.

Here she is in Bergen with her boyfriend on the Ekko-festival.

søndag 27. september 2009

MOODS of Norway

Do you guys know Moods of norway? They just opened a new shop in Hollywood. So they are starting to get pretty global. Perez Hilton was wearing Moods on the VMAs actually.

But the thing is, I just started working on the Moods of Norway shop in Stryn, it's like the MAIN store. Cuz the designers are from Stryn - so I meet them everyday i work there:) pretty cool! Just wanted to share that with you guys:)

torsdag 17. september 2009

COCO ...perez?

Check out Perez Hiltons new fashion blog! And yeah, it's pretty good - and updates like many time a day:) Big star to Perez, this blog is just as good as your original celebraty gossip blog.

Btw, isn't Ed Westwick (Chuck from Gossip girl) just the HOTTEST man on earth? *melting*

torsdag 3. september 2009

Still a little summer left

It was been raining here for weeks!!! And I dont meen like a little rain everyday, but really much - like our soccer practise got canceled cuz the soccerfield was floded - much! But today, the sun came out, and really warmed everything up. So today I spent some minutes just laying there, with my blueripped jeans, in the sun. Enjoying every last bit of this summer. I really like the fall, because it's warm AND cold at the same time, I love that feeling - and the smell. Lovley.

mandag 31. august 2009

Picture post - finally ?

So today I went shopping, without any money! Haha, but my mom was kind and bougth me a jacket as my birthdaygift from her:) I love love love it! (the beige one under here)

Today's outfit and my new jacket. I really don't wear jackets like this, but when I tried it i felt in love, I love the shape of it. So I just had to have it! What do u think?

Shirt, TopShop. Belt, Vintage. Neckless, H&M. Jeans, GinaTricot. Rings, H&M. Jacket, H&M.

Other things my mom bougth for me. What would I do without her?

A cute hairpin and Vanilla Coke! Finally they sell it in Norway again!

I LOVE this jacket! But I didn't buy it, cuz my sister have the same. (In the right size, this one in the picture is one size to big.) So I will just borrow hers;)

And just 4 fun, here is some pictures of my favorite dress atm!

Dress, Forever21. Sunglasses, CalvinKlein. Earrings, Diva.

bye bye, for now:)

fredag 28. august 2009

Bad hair day?

I'm thinking about buying this hat for winter, cuz it gets really cold here in Norway. But I'm not sure it's my style, but i think it's really cool and I think i get alot of chances to wear it.
What do u think. Buy it or not?

Elizabeth and James

I just love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsens collection Elizabeth and James. Take a look at these pieces, aren't they just awsome? I'm really in love with the shoes! All I have to do is to save up $325... But, Oh, they are so beautiful!!

Check it out at

onsdag 26. august 2009

A website to check out

This is a great website for celebraty and catwalk fashion. I love their small collages:

For Norwegian readers

Check out Linnies competition, you can win a 300NOK giftcard at dinsko. Check it out, click on the photo!

Fall is here

So, I would say the fall is here. Sorry, guys - but the summer is over... It's sad, but lets look at the bright side, welcome fall fashion!!!

My favorite fall item is my new brown ancle boots, from H&M. I've only wore them a few times - but I love them so much already.

Latest good purchase

I write good cuz I've done more purchases than this - but these are my two favorite! It's my MUST HAVEs for this fall: Bandade dress and a grey sweater.

This dress is from BikBok. Maybe I'll try to rock it up as this leather dress from Balmain Fall/Winter 09

Sweater from American Apparel. Maybe I'll wear it like Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 09

Wait for the next post, i will post a pic of my favorite fall shoes !!!

tirsdag 25. august 2009

Emma Watson in Vogue Russia

She looks stunning, I just love the red lipstick and the jewlry. And the vintage clothes just looks stunning on her. It's fun to grow up, right Emma? Be sure to check out the latest Harry Potter movie, it rocked! Only one more left...!

Credits to cocoperez for the photos.

I'M BACK - with popular demand?

Yes, I've decided to start bloging again. It was been ages and THAT, my friends, is TOO long!!

This has happend since last: I'm done with my bachelor degree in MEDIA, ICT and DESIGN. And the love the though of that. I now just have to find myself a cool job:) I've searched on alot, so now we'll see what i will get!!

I also went to the US this summer, for 5 weeks!! Thats a long time.. but OMG i loved it. I findley got to shop in a Forever21 store and American Apparel!

New updates tomorrow, with photos:)I hope all my readers and other ppl that visit my site will continue following me:) Love u all!

BTW: Mary-Kate Olsen is coming to Oslo, Norway, this september.. I'm excited! Wish i lived in Oslo!

xoxo Ingvild

lørdag 10. januar 2009

Moods of Norway

During the hotel-party I also met Moods of Norway designer Simen Staalnacke.

He is now also a judge on the Norwegian show Skaperen ("The creator").

Moods of Norway focus on bringing the norwegian traditions in the fashion. Things like tractors, bears with coctail and rose-paintings have been printed on the clothes. And their "pattren-ful" and fancy suits are in every stylish boy's closet. It's all about Norwegian moods and tradition.
Visit their website for inspiration, you can also buy clothes online.

Photos from Oslo Fasionweek Spring 08

All catwalk photos (C) Moods of Norway -