tirsdag 25. august 2009

I'M BACK - with popular demand?

Yes, I've decided to start bloging again. It was been ages and THAT, my friends, is TOO long!!

This has happend since last: I'm done with my bachelor degree in MEDIA, ICT and DESIGN. And the love the though of that. I now just have to find myself a cool job:) I've searched on alot, so now we'll see what i will get!!

I also went to the US this summer, for 5 weeks!! Thats a long time.. but OMG i loved it. I findley got to shop in a Forever21 store and American Apparel!

New updates tomorrow, with photos:)I hope all my readers and other ppl that visit my site will continue following me:) Love u all!

BTW: Mary-Kate Olsen is coming to Oslo, Norway, this september.. I'm excited! Wish i lived in Oslo!

xoxo Ingvild

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