mandag 31. august 2009

Picture post - finally ?

So today I went shopping, without any money! Haha, but my mom was kind and bougth me a jacket as my birthdaygift from her:) I love love love it! (the beige one under here)

Today's outfit and my new jacket. I really don't wear jackets like this, but when I tried it i felt in love, I love the shape of it. So I just had to have it! What do u think?

Shirt, TopShop. Belt, Vintage. Neckless, H&M. Jeans, GinaTricot. Rings, H&M. Jacket, H&M.

Other things my mom bougth for me. What would I do without her?

A cute hairpin and Vanilla Coke! Finally they sell it in Norway again!

I LOVE this jacket! But I didn't buy it, cuz my sister have the same. (In the right size, this one in the picture is one size to big.) So I will just borrow hers;)

And just 4 fun, here is some pictures of my favorite dress atm!

Dress, Forever21. Sunglasses, CalvinKlein. Earrings, Diva.

bye bye, for now:)

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