fredag 25. juli 2008

Nine west

Lucky me! One of my first shopping trip to Brisbane city I came over sale on Nine west. so i bought these great shoes:) i Love em!

fredag 18. juli 2008

ALDO in Brisbane

Sorry for not updating. As you may know I've been traveling, but now I'm sitting stil in my new Apartment in Brisbane, Australia:) So, hopfuly, when I get real settled I'll start to blog more.

OMG I was in the city today and I saw a ALDO shoe store! jeees, I want to buy ALL of the pairs in there! And there is exp one pair I'm in love with, so i guess i have to save up some money to afford the 1890$ heeled sandals! And the questing is: Should I get black or brown ones?

Simular to this model

onsdag 9. juli 2008


Since my hours is all about packing these days, that's what I'll blog about. lol. So, here is the accessories I will bring with me to Australia. I wont bring much since I have to try keep the weigth-limit.. 20kilos!! But I guess I will buy alot of new things down under:)

tirsdag 8. juli 2008

Summer outfit

These days I'm really bissy and I have allmost packed all of my clothes (since I'm going to Australia next week), so I dont have alot to wear.

Sex and the City THE MOVIE

Yes, I went to see it last week, with my friend Silje, and I love it! The movie was not like I thought it would be, it was abit sad. But OMG the clothes, the girls, the guys and THE SHOES! They are all to die for <3 My outfit was bit Carrie inspired, I have to say. With my natural curley hair, carrie-neckless (witch says Beautiful), black shoes and white shorts (witch reminds me of carries white cotton panties).

I just have to say that I look really horrible at this picture! I was out in the sun ALL day and got a really bad sunburn and I didn't have time to fix my make-up properly. Lol.

Silje and I driving to Ørsta Cinema.

mandag 7. juli 2008

American Apparel

These are for us Norwegian fashionfreaks;
Did you know what you can buy
American Apparel on the norwegian shopping site
Well, you can. This is great I think, because then we don't have to worry about
local tax, duties, and/or import tariffs when we order from

Check it out here!!!

tirsdag 1. juli 2008

Todays outfit

Yellow jacket, H&M. Top, BikBok. Grey jacket, H&M. Jeans, GinaTricot.
Belt, second hand. Shoes, Forever21. Bag, "Balenciaga". Braclet, H&M. Neckless, Forever21.

What do you think about todays background?:D

Yey! I'm getting better at posting, lol.