tirsdag 1. juli 2008

Todays outfit

Yellow jacket, H&M. Top, BikBok. Grey jacket, H&M. Jeans, GinaTricot.
Belt, second hand. Shoes, Forever21. Bag, "Balenciaga". Braclet, H&M. Neckless, Forever21.

What do you think about todays background?:D

Yey! I'm getting better at posting, lol.

6 kommentarer:

CoutureCarrie sa...

Beautiful! Interesting, textured, rustic background; like a true photo shoot! And Balenciaga is one of my faves, especially when it comes to bags!

Søstra:) sa...

Bakgrunnen nedafor verstede va jo absoutt kulast da!:D Don't care if the english-speeking people didn't understandt it:P

Silje sa...

Vart veldig stilig me dinna gule jakka:)

(Ej tenke på dei engelskanakkande Magnhild!)

For the English speaking readers:
Very cool with the yellow jacket!

Krystal sa...

You look gorgeous! I'm glad I fell upon your blog!

Krystal from What is Reality Anyway

Ingvild Marie sa...

Aww, thank you so much! That's really sweet of you!:)

Krystal sa...

Great photos of you! Very gorge!