mandag 30. juni 2008

Trying to hard?

I was just trying out an outfit i might wear on Saturday for a birthday party:) But i can't deside if I should wear the top tuched in or on the outside of the skirt. Both looks great i think. What do u think? (sorry for my bad cellphone cam, my new cellphone is on the way)

Btw I hate the guile (?) in the middle of my mirror.

And here is just two pictures of me sitting and waiting for my ride to my last soccer game of this year:(

søndag 29. juni 2008

I (also) <3 Topshop

We all just love topshop dont we? You guys whom got to buy pieses from Kate Moss's collection are lucky.. I never got any hands on it, poor me. I wish shiped to Norway, but unfortunately - they dont. One day in the future i hope they will!:)
But that does not meen I've not got the chance to shop at topshop:D

Me after a great buy at TOPSHOP in Istanbul, Turkey. (uuh.. my hair is a mess!!:S)

My best friend, Merve, and me outside TOPSHOP in Izmir, Turkey.

Outfit: Tee, H&M. Shorts, VeroModa. Bag, "gucci". Shoes, converse.

Fashion Icons

Mary-Kate Olsen

Ashley Olsen

Mischa Barton

Nicole Richie

Kate Moss

There is, offc, a few more but these people are the people I look at when I need inspiration.

tirsdag 24. juni 2008


I thought maybe I sould post some pictures of me since this blog is very new, you guys don't know me so well and there isn't many pictures up yet! Hope you all like them:)

Please feel free to comment:)

mandag 23. juni 2008

Buy rigth now - on

I'm in love with Forever21 <3

Look at these great heeled sandals and they are only $22.80
Since I live in Norway I'm SOOO glad that they ship international!!
Buy High-heeled gladiatior at Forever21

I totaly love this top of knitten jersey and in a great colour!
And the pocket on the rigth side is such a cute detail. Only

Buy blue tank top at Forever21

A yellow dress is a "must have" for this summer! This one fro Forever21 is so cute. Nice pattern with a stylish belt straigt above the waist. Perfekt for a hot evening!

Buy this yellow dress at Forever21

It's really worth visiting Forever21 weekly, cuz they allways got sth new!

søndag 22. juni 2008


As many of you might not know is that I'm going to Australia, Brisbane in three weeks from tomorrow. I'm going to study Photography and will be staying there for 5 mouths!! I can't wait! But, thank god, I'm not travelling alone.. 6 airports by my self can ber pretty scary, lol. I'm going with my dear friend and schoolmate Hildegunn. This is a great opportunity for me to learn English better;) And offc I will learn how to surf and learn the lingo.

But dont worry guys, I will keep this blog up. It will just be other locations and maybe warmer outfits:D see u!

PS: If any of you know some great shops in Brisbane/Sydney PLEASE let me know, thank you:)

torsdag 19. juni 2008

Simple outfit and latest buys

Hi guys!:D I'm glad that some people are visiting my site and I hope more people will come. Thanks to all of you that has made a comment. Please keep on doin this, I love to get respons!!:)

Today I was handing out and shopping with my friend Silje and my sister Magnhild, it was alot of fun!! Here is todays outfit, really simple:

T-shirt, forever21. Jeans, gina tricot. Shoes, vintage. Purse, "chanel". Braclet, ring and neckless, H&M. Shoes, vintage.

AAAAND some of my latest buys!!:D

Hotpanst from Bikbok.

Braclet from glitter.

Braclet and ring from H&M.

Earrings from Lindex.

Shoes from Økonomisko (only $16)

Skirt from H&M (only $10).

Cardigan from H&M (it's abit more yellow than the picture).

tirsdag 17. juni 2008


Today I went to Førde on shopping! Since I'm pretty broke atm my dear mom came to the rescue:D I bougth a skrit, tshirt, shoes, braclet++ I'll post some pictures of it tomorrow:)

Here is my outfit for the day

Sorry, I forgot to adjust the whitebalance on my camera before I took the picture, so it's abit blue.

Hairband, cubus. Tshirt, forever21. Jeans, bikbok. Shoes, forever21. Braclet, H&M. Neckless and watch, CMYK. Bag, misako.

mandag 16. juni 2008

Sex and the City shoes

I came over this on Even though I haven't see the movie yet (but I will ASAP!!) I totaly adooooooore Carrie's Dior black sandals.

So I just had to visit and I found them for only $69.95 I wish I had money atm, them i would def buy them! They also have some great YSL insp ones (only $79.95), I want thoes to so badly! Someone wanna buy them to me? *smiling pretty*

Me want.

Plaid shirt and pencil skirt

I though since I've been so lazy that I would blog my outfit on the last party with my schoolmates this year. As you can see I also got my ELLOS shoes on, I love em!

Jacket, vero moda. Shirt, topshop. Skirt, my friend's (from Bahamas). Shoes, ellos. Purse, kappahl. Ring, ginatricot. Earrings, H&M.

I just had to blog this! My friend had this kaptain jacket. I really want one like it, but in my size. lol

I <3 Forever21

I'm turning 21 this summer! So it fits me perfectly to order some clothes from - one of the best and cheapest stores online if you ask me.

I'll post some pictures of the clothes I've ordered ASAP:)

70s shoes

I was down in our basement yesterday and look what I found; my moms 70s black leather shoes. They can be really cool with the right outfit. Maybe I'll wear them tomorrow when I go shopping. What do you think?

..and I think my legs need some sun


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen is my inspiration! I got many other offc, but there girls are just fab!

Latley I've been looking for a very uniq and chic dress and I figured out I wants sth like these ones

Ashely really know how to wear these dresses

Mary-Kate looks SO gorgeous on the latest cover of ELLE

I just have to show you the rest of the pictures in ELLE:


I'm too lazy

Ok, I figured out that its time I started updating here. Since it's finaly somme vacation I got plenty of time for it too.

Here are some old outfits from 2006 or sth. Just for fun! Some of them got a charm I think. But let me know what YOU think of them. Good and bad, I can handle it:)

Don't you just love my flash-light?