mandag 23. juni 2008

Buy rigth now - on

I'm in love with Forever21 <3

Look at these great heeled sandals and they are only $22.80
Since I live in Norway I'm SOOO glad that they ship international!!
Buy High-heeled gladiatior at Forever21

I totaly love this top of knitten jersey and in a great colour!
And the pocket on the rigth side is such a cute detail. Only

Buy blue tank top at Forever21

A yellow dress is a "must have" for this summer! This one fro Forever21 is so cute. Nice pattern with a stylish belt straigt above the waist. Perfekt for a hot evening!

Buy this yellow dress at Forever21

It's really worth visiting Forever21 weekly, cuz they allways got sth new!

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Silje sa...

OMG!! LOVE the shoes! *dribble* (If that's a word in enlish! haha! (For you Norwegians: *sikle*)