mandag 16. juni 2008

Plaid shirt and pencil skirt

I though since I've been so lazy that I would blog my outfit on the last party with my schoolmates this year. As you can see I also got my ELLOS shoes on, I love em!

Jacket, vero moda. Shirt, topshop. Skirt, my friend's (from Bahamas). Shoes, ellos. Purse, kappahl. Ring, ginatricot. Earrings, H&M.

I just had to blog this! My friend had this kaptain jacket. I really want one like it, but in my size. lol

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

wow, i love your blog!
you have great style.

i am linking you on my site now : )

Ingvild Marie sa...

ahh.. thank you!:)