tirsdag 17. juni 2008


Today I went to Førde on shopping! Since I'm pretty broke atm my dear mom came to the rescue:D I bougth a skrit, tshirt, shoes, braclet++ I'll post some pictures of it tomorrow:)

Here is my outfit for the day

Sorry, I forgot to adjust the whitebalance on my camera before I took the picture, so it's abit blue.

Hairband, cubus. Tshirt, forever21. Jeans, bikbok. Shoes, forever21. Braclet, H&M. Neckless and watch, CMYK. Bag, misako.

3 kommentarer:

aisha sa...

love the outfit you have balanced it out really well..and i particularly love the jeans with the sandals..

Ingvild Marie sa...

Thank u! I really love thoes sandals, they're so comfy too!:)


thanks for your comment, wonderful style on your blog too :)