mandag 10. mars 2008

Waiting for shoes.. yeah, its hard!

I found some great shoes online OMG i loved em so much I just had to order them!:D

Can't wait intil they're in my mailbox!!

søndag 9. mars 2008

I <3 Christopher Deane

Anybody here that watches (? sorry my bad english!!) Desperate Housewives?
Did u guys see Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria) Christopher Deane dress?! She looks great in everything, but that dress it TO DIE FOR <3.

So beautiful, "only" around $350

lørdag 8. mars 2008

Shoes 2 die 4

I'm a girl, so I LOVE shoes of course. Here are some of my "Shoes to die for":

1. Christian Louboutin

2. Luichiny Talon

My first blog

Finally I made myself a blog site, yey. I really don't know what I will write in this blog, but I think it will has alot to do with friends, activities and FASHION. Enjoy!!

xo xo

Ingvild Marie