onsdag 24. september 2008

Censored hat

I have som e latest outfit I'm planing to post. But my friend has the pictures, so thats why they are not up yet:D But here are some from last weekend;) I will post more from this nigth, just need the pics:P lol

Top and leggings, suprè. neckles, diva. Hat, censored.

mandag 22. september 2008


People, I really wanna see YOUR blog, so post your adress under here and I will also put it on my blog list to the right!:)

Maybe I'll post some of your pics, cuz I know I will come over some GREAT blogs:)

OXOX Ingvild

søndag 21. september 2008

My little sister - Maggie

My cute and most awesome little sister is the topic for this post:) I really love her style, maybe cuz we got the same taste in clothes? And of course we are the same size:)

Leggings and top, Cubus. Belt, vintage. Shoes, Ellos.

Xoxo Ingvild

torsdag 18. september 2008

Cold day in Brisbane is not cold at all

Sweater, sportsgirl. Top, suprè. Leggings, suprè.
Since the wether-report said that today it would not be sun and abit rainy, I though - aw, then i can wear some clothes that is abit covering. lol. But i shouldn't have, it was SOO warm outside I was about to pass-out, lol! And the sun came out at the end also.. From this day I'll only yeah shorts and skrits! Lol

tirsdag 9. september 2008


Uh.. hard day at school today:S Alot of work to do! But tonight I'm gonna relax with friends and go out to dance!
When I was shopping las weekend I also bought this grey sweater, so comfy! It's spring here now, and soon summer - so I'll have to wear all my sweaters and jeans now befor the heat comes.

Sunglasses, ALDO. Sweater, sportgirl. Skirt, suprè. Shoes, racecat. Neckless, diva.

What’s Your Fashion Identity

In a course in university I'm going to make a magazine-thing about Fashion identity. So under my researching I came over this cool way to find out your fashion Identity. I endend up with Roberto Cavalli:)

mandag 8. september 2008

New buys

Yey! Today I findly got to shop ALOT! My friend, Hill, and I went shopping:DMe. Not a really special outfit, just needed sth comfy to shop in! lol:)
Hill with her awesome new sunglasses:)

I've been struggeling for days to find sth to wear, I feel like I have all my good clothes back home in Norway - which my sister def are wearing out! lol:) But today I draged my creditcard like 10 times, in a good way:) I'm really happy with all of my buys, and can't wait to wear them:) Here are som pictures.
Dark demin skirt with belt.Black skirt.Light blue top, cant wait to use this one!:)Stripes<3
I really like this shirt! But i wish it was abit longer though..Can wait to put it all together:)

lørdag 6. september 2008

XXS is to small

A few days ago i was to my first FOTTY rugbygame! It was really awesome:D I really like my outfit that day, and I made it even better with an supporter "broncos"-skarf!:)
Isn't it typical?
I was in a store and tried on a pair of "shiny"-leggings, I tried XS but they where abit too lose. So I grabbed the XXS ones and went to the
cashier's stand and bought them. When I got home I puted them on and went to the rugbygame, but I still had the tag on (so if they were to small, i could go back to the store and change them). But as the evening went along I though: "well, they don't feel to tigth or anything", so (stupid) me took the tag off!! But when I got home I saw that where were holes along the seam... So I guess thoes leggings won't last long. So I'll have to buy new ones in a few days I guess...

Lesson: Never buy size xxs when you know u're a xs!

Tee, suprè. Bracelets, assorted. Ring, diva. Skarf, NRL. Shiny leggings, Suprè.

Enjoying the sun

Yesterday my new friends (lol) and I went to Stradbroke island just utside Brisbane, just to lay on the beach and walk to lookouts. Its was such a great day! And I got to wear my back tupe bikini that i've never used b4:) I must say; I like it, its so comfy!!:)