mandag 8. september 2008

New buys

Yey! Today I findly got to shop ALOT! My friend, Hill, and I went shopping:DMe. Not a really special outfit, just needed sth comfy to shop in! lol:)
Hill with her awesome new sunglasses:)

I've been struggeling for days to find sth to wear, I feel like I have all my good clothes back home in Norway - which my sister def are wearing out! lol:) But today I draged my creditcard like 10 times, in a good way:) I'm really happy with all of my buys, and can't wait to wear them:) Here are som pictures.
Dark demin skirt with belt.Black skirt.Light blue top, cant wait to use this one!:)Stripes<3
I really like this shirt! But i wish it was abit longer though..Can wait to put it all together:)

2 kommentarer:

Kristina sa...

heeerlig rutaskjorte :D


you got some sweet new buys,they will make some fab looks.