mandag 22. september 2008


People, I really wanna see YOUR blog, so post your adress under here and I will also put it on my blog list to the right!:)

Maybe I'll post some of your pics, cuz I know I will come over some GREAT blogs:)

OXOX Ingvild

8 kommentarer:

Jen sa... :) this is such a nice idea!

Ingvild Marie sa...

I'll put it up;)

Yeah I think so too! Makes us all more connected:)

Mimi sa...

closetfullofchic sa...

love your style!

Ellisiv sa... :)

Ingvild Marie sa...

All Great blogs!! I've linked them all:) Nice if you do the same back:)

Keep it going;)

Renate sa...

kateemily sa...

mine is
but also I'd like to ask how you make a blog list? Thanks :)