lørdag 6. september 2008

XXS is to small

A few days ago i was to my first FOTTY rugbygame! It was really awesome:D I really like my outfit that day, and I made it even better with an supporter "broncos"-skarf!:)
Isn't it typical?
I was in a store and tried on a pair of "shiny"-leggings, I tried XS but they where abit too lose. So I grabbed the XXS ones and went to the
cashier's stand and bought them. When I got home I puted them on and went to the rugbygame, but I still had the tag on (so if they were to small, i could go back to the store and change them). But as the evening went along I though: "well, they don't feel to tigth or anything", so (stupid) me took the tag off!! But when I got home I saw that where were holes along the seam... So I guess thoes leggings won't last long. So I'll have to buy new ones in a few days I guess...

Lesson: Never buy size xxs when you know u're a xs!

Tee, suprè. Bracelets, assorted. Ring, diva. Skarf, NRL. Shiny leggings, Suprè.

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magnhild sa...

Hihi:) Eg kjøpte meg sånn shiny-leggnings på torsdag eg og!:) Mine fits perfectly!^^