mandag 28. september 2009

Mary-Kate in Norway

Most people,I'm sure, now know that one of the fashneble twins are currently in Norway. Mary-Kate came to attend her boyfriends ,Nate Lowmans (30), art Exhibition "The Natriot Act" in the Astrup Fearnly Museet, Oslo.

Here she is in Bergen with her boyfriend on the Ekko-festival.

søndag 27. september 2009

MOODS of Norway

Do you guys know Moods of norway? They just opened a new shop in Hollywood. So they are starting to get pretty global. Perez Hilton was wearing Moods on the VMAs actually.

But the thing is, I just started working on the Moods of Norway shop in Stryn, it's like the MAIN store. Cuz the designers are from Stryn - so I meet them everyday i work there:) pretty cool! Just wanted to share that with you guys:)

torsdag 17. september 2009

COCO ...perez?

Check out Perez Hiltons new fashion blog! And yeah, it's pretty good - and updates like many time a day:) Big star to Perez, this blog is just as good as your original celebraty gossip blog.

Btw, isn't Ed Westwick (Chuck from Gossip girl) just the HOTTEST man on earth? *melting*

torsdag 3. september 2009

Still a little summer left

It was been raining here for weeks!!! And I dont meen like a little rain everyday, but really much - like our soccer practise got canceled cuz the soccerfield was floded - much! But today, the sun came out, and really warmed everything up. So today I spent some minutes just laying there, with my blueripped jeans, in the sun. Enjoying every last bit of this summer. I really like the fall, because it's warm AND cold at the same time, I love that feeling - and the smell. Lovley.