søndag 29. juni 2008

I (also) <3 Topshop

We all just love topshop dont we? You guys whom got to buy pieses from Kate Moss's collection are lucky.. I never got any hands on it, poor me. I wish topshop.com shiped to Norway, but unfortunately - they dont. One day in the future i hope they will!:)
But that does not meen I've not got the chance to shop at topshop:D

Me after a great buy at TOPSHOP in Istanbul, Turkey. (uuh.. my hair is a mess!!:S)

My best friend, Merve, and me outside TOPSHOP in Izmir, Turkey.

Outfit: Tee, H&M. Shorts, VeroModa. Bag, "gucci". Shoes, converse.

6 kommentarer:

Jasnaaa sa...

Fine bilder av mote og klær! :)

Ingvild Marie sa...

Takk:) Har ikkje vert SÅ flink å oppdatere, men det skla bli betre!

Fleire outfits kommer:D

Jay sa...

I wish i lived near a topshop, but they dont seem to have those in america

Ingvild Marie sa...

They dont?:O

Only UK and Turkey i guess.. lol

Wendy sa...

Ah I totally wish we had a Topshop, I would spend my days there.

Merve sa...

sis just tell me what you want from topshop;) then i send you..
between..i love your photos and outfits, you always know how to wear;))