tirsdag 8. juli 2008

Sex and the City THE MOVIE

Yes, I went to see it last week, with my friend Silje, and I love it! The movie was not like I thought it would be, it was abit sad. But OMG the clothes, the girls, the guys and THE SHOES! They are all to die for <3 My outfit was bit Carrie inspired, I have to say. With my natural curley hair, carrie-neckless (witch says Beautiful), black shoes and white shorts (witch reminds me of carries white cotton panties).

I just have to say that I look really horrible at this picture! I was out in the sun ALL day and got a really bad sunburn and I didn't have time to fix my make-up properly. Lol.

Silje and I driving to Ørsta Cinema.

4 kommentarer:

Silje sa...

Singing and driving:)

Krystal sa...

Sex and the City was sad! I left feeling a bit depressed...partly because I could never afford all those outfits!


Jay sa...

i love the striped shirt

Ingvild Marie sa...

Thank u:) It's from topshop