lørdag 3. januar 2009

My favorite online shop

With some drop-dead georgeous shoes.

Why do I allways look at the shoes that are not fitted for winter, when it is winter? Is it the so association to the summer/spring that attracts me? Or am I just a sucker for sandals and stiletto? Life is not easy.

Wanna buy one of these? Or check out what more they've got on FOREVER21? Just click:D

6 kommentarer:

frankie-lou and tallulah sa...

beautiful shoes... i love the first pair... want!

seralouise sa...

oh wow love the first two. wish we had a forver 21 here ! /xo

Rosanna sa...

forever21! how i wish we had it!


Ingvild Marie sa...

I wish we had it in Norway aswell, but than god I can order online:)

Maria C sa...


Styleseeking Zurich sa...

simply fantastic heels!
so so glam!love them!