onsdag 31. desember 2008

This x-mas

This x-mas I decided I was not going to buy any new party dresses or so. I thought I could see what I had and make some cool and diffrent outfits out of them. So, this is what I was wearing this Christmas:

Chritsmas eve: First outfit is a dress I bought in Australia for only 5$, cool ey?
Christmas party: Second pic is the same dress (under the skirt, yeah - it actually looked good) and a black skirt I've had since I was 13 years old.
Party: The same skirt as earlier, just that I was wearing it as a tube dress, and I added a belt so I would look more relaxed (sorry for the bad picture).


This year I'll just spend the evening with my family, it will be fun:)

3 kommentarer:


WOWee...doesn't look like $5!!!
Fabulous! Happy New Year to you dear!

Ingvild Marie sa...

Thanks:) It really is! HAPPY NEW YEAR

sarah sa...

Happy new year lovely x