tirsdag 30. desember 2008

Fun, flirty and fabulous

To be honest; I have not been shopping online for over 6 mouths! It's crazy, I know. But basicly it's because I've lived on the other side of the world for that time. But now that I'm back home, and hopfully will get a cool job and earn some money, then the fab clothes and awful bills from H&M and Forever21 will find it's way to my house.

So I checked out H&M homepages this morning and I could not stop falling for their fun and colourful accessories campaign - super cute. So maybe I'll add some of it to the not-used-in-a-while shopping cart.

Did you guys find anything fun or cute surfing online?

Sometimes we all need some really fresh colours. www.hm.com

4 kommentarer:

FrkTetlie sa...

Jeg har vært å sett litt innpå victorias secret, og funnet et par lave støvletter med nagler på. De er alt for fine..sukk..

Ingvild Marie sa...

Eg kjenner til ditta! Synd det koster så mye med frakt og toll:(

TINE sa...

You also have a cute blog!! I will visit more often.

Mimi sa...

I was quite disappointed but I want the black wedges,the faux croco bag and the flats in red and black.
Happy new year!